Accounting Lessons: Rounding Down, Up, and Out

accounting lessons

by Celestial Holmes If you are not a math whiz, then you likely feel the way I do about math and anything associated with it. Boo! Two thumbs down! Sad face. Did I mention I’m not fond of math? Even if you are a business teacher, you may not have a whole lot of experience [...]

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CTE Certification: Tools to Prep for Medical Assistant Exams

cte certification

by Sarah Layton Decision-makers and teachers alike want to know if the curriculum resources they are using or considering are good CTE certification prep materials for medical assistant exams.  After all, most career and technology education students in medical assistant programs are looking to eventually get some sort of certification. And yet, I think it is also [...]

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Medical Assistant Curriculum: How to Cover It All

medical assistant curriculum

by Sarah Layton In talking to teachers on a daily basis, I know that covering medical assistant curriculum is challenging. To the point that I think it’s a pretty fair statement to say that just about every health science teacher out there is looking for ways to effectively cover more medical assistant curriculum in their CTE courses. Medical [...]

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Formative Assessment Models: Help Students Master CTE Standards

formative assessment models

by Dick Carlson Are you required to add more and more formative assessment models into your CTE courses? Need help understanding and finding good formative assessment models? When I got my first “two-wheel” bike, it was a pretty scary deal. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was filled with “formative assessment.” My [...]

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Teaching Digital Citizenship? We Can Help

teaching digital citizenship

by Celestial Holmes Are you teaching digital citizenship in your courses that use technology? I didn’t purchase my first cell phone until I was 21 and could afford to pay the bill myself.  It was an analog, flip-phone with a plastic antenna that you had to pull up when in use. I purchased minutes as I [...]

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Blended Learning Tools: Best Uses from Teachers

Stephanie teaching

by Sarah Layton One of my favorite things to do is talk to teachers about blended learning tools and find out how they use them in their classrooms. Who better to give examples of how blended learning is working than teachers just like you… Blended Learning Tools in Health Science Stephanie Avery, Alberta, Canada Health [...]

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Blended Learning Tools: How to Mix It Up

blended learning tools

by Sarah Layton In regards to blended learning tools, a teacher recently asked us, “Can I add my own content to these modules?” The teacher was referring to our HealthCenter21 or Business&ITCenter21 online curriculum resources. Our response? Yes and no. Yes You Can The answer was “yes, you can,” because we actually encourage teachers to [...]

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Computer Applications Curriculum: Office for the iPad

what is elearning

by  Ken Richard How will Office for iPad impact computer applications curriculum and education? Microsoft recently released Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the iPad. The application suite turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The mobile applications are fast and displayed my documents exactly the same as the PC version. I was able to make quick edits without [...]

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Teaching Soft Skills: Is It Important?

teaching soft skills

by Dick Carlson Is teaching soft skills important? Ask Regina and Bill… Monday morning found Jeff Hanson at his desk, reviewing a pile of resumes for a job as Test Supervisor at Lititz Regional Hospital.  He’d narrowed down the candidates to two–Regina Burns and Bill Sampson. Both had great work histories, had interviewed well, and [...]

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CTE Certification: LEARN and Prep for Allied Health Exams

cte certification

CTE certification…you can hardly talk about allied health courses and curriculum without discussing it. There are a lot of ways to prepare for certification exams. But balance is the best way. CTE Certification: Teach to the Test There is a whole lot of “teaching to the test” going on out there in the world of [...]

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