• A Review of 3 Middle School Typing Curriculum Options

A Review of 3 Popular Middle School Typing Curriculum Options

Are you a middle school computer applications teacher looking for new typing curriculum resources? As proficient typing is becoming a must for employers, teachers are being put under more pressure to teach keyboarding, but struggle to find content.

Since Applied Educational Systems works with many computer applications teachers across the US, we are often asked questions like: “Do you have keyboarding curriculum?” and “Does Business&ITCenter21 have middle school keyboarding lessons along with the other computer curriculum?”

Though we don’t currently have typing curriculum, we want to share some options that you should review for use in your classroom.
TypingClub Keyboarding Program

TypingClub is a […]

  • A Review of the Microsoft IT Academy E Learning Program

A Microsoft IT Academy E Learning Review: Is it Right for You?

If you teach computer applications in middle school or as an elective course in early high school, chances are you need to review curriculum to use in your class. In doing so, you will research different textbooks and resources to find one that best fits your standards, school, and students’ unique and important needs.

While our digital curriculum, Business&ITCenter21, easily helps save time for teachers who are challenged with planning and struggle with outdated textbooks, we understand you want to consider all of your options before choosing an educational content provider. When doing this research, it is common for teachers to […]

  • Where to find free middle school computer science resources

8 Places to Find Free Middle School Computer Science Resources

Are you in search of resources to teach coding and programming in your computer applications class? Since Applied Educational Systems works with many computer applications teachers across the US, we are often asked questions like: “Do you have content for middle school computer science?” and “Can Business&ITCenter21 help me teach coding?”

Many computer teachers are struggling to find content in this area, especially those who don’t have coding skills. There is even more stress for teachers in states like Florida, where a proposal was written to require public high schools to offer computer science classes and coding would be classified as a […]

  • How much does the HealthCenter21 health science curriculum cost?

How Much Does the HealthCenter21 Health Science Curriculum Cost?

Nearly every day here at Applied Educational Systems, CTE Directors and Health Science instructors ask us: How much does HealthCenter21 cost?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it is such a broad question. It is like asking how much a car costs: It depends. A Ford Escort isn’t going to cost you much, and a Ferrari is going to be more expensive. I will do my best here to explain the range of pricing for our HealthCenter21 digital curriculum.

To understand how the HealthCenter21 pricing works, knowing what we mean by “active students” is key. Active Students means the number […]

  • 7 Best Microsoft Office Textbooks (A Review)

A Review of the 7 Best Microsoft Office Textbooks for Middle and High School

Have you ever asked another elective teacher: “What Microsoft Office textbook do you use in your computer applications classes?” If you are teaching a middle school or early high school computer applications class, at some point you will need a new textbook to teach Microsoft Office.

While we help many computer applications teachers with our digital curriculum, Business&ITCenter21, we think it’s important for any teacher to explore all of their options to find the right resource. Here is a list of some popular Microsoft Office textbooks you can consider:
Microsoft Office 2013: Illustrated Introductory, First Course

Author: David Beskeen
Published: 2014
Approximate […]

  • How much does middle school computer curriculum cost?

A Quick Guide to the Cost of Middle School Computer Curriculum

One of the first questions a computer applications teacher asks when speaking with someone from Applied Educational Systems is: How much does your middle school computer curriculum cost? Although this is a difficult question to answer, I will try my best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

The purchase of a middle school computer curriculum is similar to the purchase of a vehicle or home. With so many options available, the price ranges can vary. Just as a Ford F150 can start around $25k with a basic package, it can quickly cost over $50k once a shopper adds accessories to the […]

  • Microsoft Office Curriculum for Office 2016

Microsoft Office Curriculum: What You Need to Know for 2016

Is your Microsoft Office curriculum ready for Office 2016? Microsoft Office 2016 was released in the summer of 2015. So it’s just a matter of time before your school computer labs and laptop carts begin to migrate, if they haven’t already. If you teach computer applications, you need to make sure you are ready to go with compatible curriculum.

Updating lesson plans and all of the materials that go with them is no easy task. In fact, it can be a serious pain. We know how you feel. We are nearing the end of our own process of updating the Microsoft Office curriculum […]

  • Blended learning best practices from health science technology teachers

Blended Learning Best Practices from Health Science Technology Teachers

What keeps you from trying new things in your CTE health science classroom? If you are like the many health science technology teachers that we encounter every day, then likely the reason has something to do with time and maintaining the status quo. We get it! Finding time to learn new things, let alone figure out how to implement them, is like searching for Bigfoot. And the status quo is one small comfort in the chaotic, unpredictable daily lives of health science technology teachers. For new health science technology teachers, the challenges are that much more intimidating, particularly that first year. But […]

  • 7 Ways to Save Time in Your Health Science Class

7 Ways to Save Time in Your CTE Health Science Class

What could you do as a CTE teacher with just a little more time on your hands? My guess is that you don’t even have the time to consider that question! But with the right tools in your health science class, you can not only form a response, you could even actually achieve your answer.

It’s comments like Sandra’s and so many other teachers that inspire us as we develop, update, and change HealthCenter21. Our primary goal at AES revolves around “helping teachers prepare students with the career skills they need for lifelong success.”

What you may not realize is that to support that goal, […]

  • A Review of the 4 Best Principles of Health Science Textbooks

What is the Best Principles of Health Science Textbook? (Reviews)

Have you ever asked another teacher: “What health science textbook would you recommend for a Principles of Health Science course?” Many CTE Health Science teachers came from industry, and we know the last thing they want to do is research textbooks.

So, while we help many high school health science teachers with our digital curriculum, we understand you will want to consider all of your options. We know that a textbook can help provide additional resources and variety for providing differentiated instruction in a course. We’re simply going to share some basic information about each of these popular textbooks all in one place. So you can start your […]