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Review of PJ Nicholson Microsoft Word Content

Looking for free computer applications lessons and resources? If you teach computer applications, I’m sure you’re always on the lookout for some great resources that you can use with your students related to Microsoft Office applications. If you haven’t already stumbled upon PJ Nicholson, this is your lucky day!

I had some time to take a look at some of these lessons. Here’s what I found…
Who is PJ Nicholson?
PJ Nicholson is Patricia Jannan Nicholson. Nicholson is an Education Specialist with a BA and MA in Elementary Education, all from the University of Southern Florida. In addition, Nicholson has a Computer Science Certification.

Along with her […]

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Anatomy and Physiology Practice for Student Mastery

Are your students struggling to master anatomy and physiology content? Maybe all they need is a little anatomy and physiology practice!

My niece, a nursing student, recently told me that she needs to take her anatomy and physiology course again. Why? She just didn’t quite make it through the first time. She really struggled with the unfamiliar terms and just the pure volume of content that must be mastered in your typical A&P course. She’s concerned about moving forward until she masters A&P.
The struggle to master anatomy and physiology curriculum
It turns out my niece is not alone. Health science teachers tell me nearly every […]

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Career Exploration Lesson Plans You’ll Love

Are you looking for ideas for career exploration lesson plans? As a parent of two school age children, I hope you and all your colleagues are indeed looking!

Career exploration seems to have a renewed sense of purpose recently, and I hope that trend continues. Why? I’m of a mind that you can do no better service to your students than to help them explore options — options that haven’t occurred to them or that they’ve yet to be exposed to. How many missed opportunities have there been for so many people simply out of ignorance?

Career exploration isn’t merely something “nice […]

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Smart Strategies for Teaching CNA in High School

We’ve been asked several times by instructors and administrators, “Do you help prepare students in secondary CTE Health Science programs for CNA certification?” Our answer is: “It depends!” It depends on what you consider “preparing students for CNA certification.” Depending on your goals in regards to strictly test prep versus overall, well-rounded CNA education and training, you may have a difference in opinion about how we prepare students for CNA in high school.
Certification for CNA
For health science teachers and CTE directors and administrators getting students prepared for CNA certification is an ongoing responsibility, and frequently a struggle. But a necessary struggle…as NHA so effectively […]

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Tips for Teaching the Importance of Soft Skills

Have you been giving fair and deliberate attention to the importance of soft skills in your courses? Do you buy in to the importance of soft skills?
The Importance of Soft Skills
It seems that teaching soft skills has never been so important as it is right now. And there is good reason for that. Childhood and young adulthood isn’t the same experience it was in the not too distant past. The lifestyle and environment that children and students are experiencing today is not properly preparing them for working with others and performing well in the workplace outside of their actual job skill.

For example, […]

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Review of Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350

Are your students struggling to master the vast amounts of medical terms they need to know? How can you help them? If you are like the many health science teachers we encounter, then you are likely asking that question, too. One method that keeps popping up on our radar is the Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350 program. I was unfamiliar with Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology, so I thought I’d take a look to see what it’s all about. Here’s what I found…
Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350
I started by watching the demo video available on the Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology site. I […]

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How to Quickly Pull Together Personal Finance Projects

Where can you find personal finance projects? Where should this topic be covered? And how do you fully cover the topic of personal finance? If you or your administrator have scratched your head over these questions, join the club. The term “finance” automatically sounds business curriculum-related. But then there’s that “personal” aspect that really points towards life skills and consumer science. So where is personal finance being covered? Both places, it seems, according to a “#finlit in #busedu” chat in December 2014.

Regardless of where it is covered, the bigger question is how is it covered? And how can you quickly pull together some personal finance projects […]

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  • entrepreneurship lesson plans

Think Outside the Box with Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

Are your entrepreneurship lesson plans getting a little stale? Need some ideas to freshen them up? Let’s face it, a lot of successful entrepreneurs will tell you they owe part of their success to “thinking outside the box.” And so, I think it behooves those that teach it to do a little outside the box thinking in regards to entrepreneurship lesson plans.

But hey, I know entrepreneurship certainly isn’t the only thing you have on your plate (more like a platter, right?). So, I’ve gathered a few ideas for you here.
Middle School and High School Entrepreneurship Curriculum: Shark Tank
Entrepreneurship is, of course, […]

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  • patient care technician certification

Patient Care Technician Certification: Get Students Ready

If you are responsible for preparing students for patient care technician certification, what would you ask a PCT education expert? There is a constant need to have students prepared for post-secondary or industry certifications coming from CTE health science programs. More and more of our customers have been asking about the best way to increase student success in the patient care technician certification.

As curriculum developers that have worked with literally thousands of teachers and schools, we are passionate about helping teachers have success with their students. we had an opportunity to talk to Lynne Clarke from A. R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering […]

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Teach Microsoft Access Exercises Like a Pro!

Is teaching Microsoft Access the Achilles’ heel of your computer applications lesson plans? Are your searches for Microsoft Access exercises coming up blank? Maybe teaching Microsoft Access or database design and management is low on your list of favorite subjects to teach. It may (or may not?) be of comfort to know you aren’t alone in this. Here are a few comments from teachers like you who shared how and why they found us…

Sound familiar? We’ve found that teaching Microsoft Access tends to be a love it or hate it experience for teachers. So where can you find Microsoft Access exercises […]

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