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5 Myths about Technology in Secondary Education in CTE

Do you buy into common myths about technology in secondary education?

Because we are a technology-based curriculum resource provider in Career and Technical Education (CTE) and elective programs, we talk to thousands of teachers each year about technology in CTE. We focus on helping teachers save time and helping students learn, mainly in the area of Health Science, Business Education, Computer Applications and Career Readiness. However, what we’ve found is that less than 50% of the school districts we start a conversation with are really a good fit for the problems we help teachers solve.

And whether or not we are a good fit […]

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Quick Guide: 2015 AHA Updates for CPR Lesson Plans

Are you trying to figure out where you are going to find the time to update all of your CPR lesson plans? The American Heart Association (AHA) recently made changes to CPR procedures.

We know it’s on your mind. We’ve received many calls, messages, and emails from teachers asking if HealthCenter21 will keep pace with the changes. We are thrilled to answer “YES!” and recently released the updated content.

But what if you don’t use digital content in your CPR lesson plans?

Unfortunately, you are going to have to carve out some time to get your CPR lesson plans up-to-date.
(Short on time? Download these […]

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Today’s Class vs HealthCenter21: Which is Really Better?

Teachers know that modern digital curriculum can be a real time saver. However, it can take a considerable amount of time just to research and figure out WHICH digital curriculum is the right choice for you and your classroom. We know, because we talk to teachers just like you every day who are struggling to find the time to try out and test digital and cloud-based curriculum options. There’s a fear of wasted time on a tool that ends up not being the right one for you. But there’s also the fear of passing over something that might have been […]

  • What New CTE Teachers Need to Know

How to Solve 3 Surprising Issues for New CTE Teachers

So you left your industry career to teach. Admirable! But what is it really like for new CTE teachers? While I’d love to say rainbows, unicorns, and engaged students, I hope we all know better! But while it’s certainly not all bad, there are a few things that new CTE teachers should be prepared for when stepping into the classroom.

Here we will share 3 huge challenges CTE teachers like you tell us about on a daily basis. Don’t worry though – we have some solutions to help you, too.
(Want more? Click here to find out about more common challenges for new CTE teachers!)
Outdated CTE Curriculum […]

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Building Competencies and Skills vs. Learning Specific Computer Applications

What’s more important in today’s computer applications courses? Building important competencies and skills? Or teaching students to use a specific application?

In a #busedu chat, some of the teachers discussed whether teaching Microsoft Office or Google Applications is better. As with many elective course resources, a lot of it comes down to price. Sean Crevier (@busedcrev) made a great point during the chat:
“Business & colleges recognize that specific software will be dead by the time kids get to them. Can’t prep them for 5-8 years from now! #busedu”
I had the opportunity to talk about teaching trends for competencies and skills in […]

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How Differentiated Activities Boost Your Effectiveness with Diverse CTE Students

Do you struggle to provide differentiated activities for your diverse CTE students? This can be extremely challenging and frustrating for a RN who is in their first year of CTE teaching. Have you ever thought: How do I handle the wide range of abilities without spending my family time and weekend developing activities?

You are not alone! Recently Barbara Coyle, a health occupations teacher from Delaware Valley High School in Milford, PA, shared, “I have a very, very diverse student body. I have kids with IEPs, with learning support, all the way up to students who take advance placement courses. The […]

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New Guide to ICT Lesson Plans: Aligning to Standards

Are you struggling to align your ICT lesson plans to the standards? From talking to CTE administrators and teachers, we know that this can be particularly challenging to the 10-15% teachers that are new to middle and high school business education every year.

Adding to that difficulty, many of these teachers came from industry and receive an alternate teacher certificate from the state. Putting together an introduction to business computer applications course can be a real struggle.
(Need help aligning your curriculum? Read this ICT Essentials Implementation Guide now!)
Florida Curriculum Frameworks
Florida school districts need to be able to hand these new teachers a guide to ICT […]

  • Career Readiness Curriculum How-To's from a Middle School Teacher

Career Readiness Curriculum How-To’s from a Middle School Teacher

Are you struggling to develop the best balance for your career readiness curriculum? Should you focus more on hard skills or soft skills? Do you fall to heavy on the business education resources? Do you focus too much on the importance of soft skills? Not surprising, the best courses will integrate both . . . and maybe even some additional things you haven’t thought of. Here’s how one teacher pulls it altogether.
(Short on time? Grab this Career Readiness Skills Checklist to learn what skills you should cover!)
Career Readiness Curriculum that Works

Kelsey Kemp teaches the business technology program at Parkway Middle School in Osceola […]

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National Business Education Association: Essential to All Students

The National Business Education Association serves so many useful functions for business education in the United States. One of those functions is their development and supply of standards for business education teachers and students. Are you required to follow the NBEA standards in your courses?

The requirement to follow the National Business Education Association standards can be a challenging one. We know, because teachers frequently contact us, looking for curriculum and lessons that align with these standards. Fortunately, our team makes a priority of keeping current with NBEA philosophies and, most importantly, their standards.

Our manager of curriculum development, Ken Richard, describes […]

  • College and Career Readiness Curriculum Resources: Where to Find Them

College and Career Readiness Curriculum: Where to Find Resources

Hundreds of CTE and elective teachers in secondary schools come to us here at Applied Educational Systems and ask us a simple question: Where can I find college and career lesson plans? A great question indeed and an important one, too, for any teacher who struggles to find engaging, sequential, and useful college and career readiness curriculum that will stand the test of time.

Plus, teachers are busy! You need help in locating possible curriculum resources to use for this important topic for all students. Of course, for every teacher it depends and some will opt for developing their own lessons, projects, […]