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Health Science Technology Teacher Guide: Maximizing Your Classroom Setup

How can a health science technology teacher use digital resources in a non-digital or limited-technology classroom? Sadly in 2015, that is still a reality for many a health science technology teacher. We know because we have teachers asking (too often in my opinion) how to use our HealthCenter21 system and other digital resources in their classrooms where they have little or no technology accessibility.

The good news is that limited technology in your classroom does NOT mean that you can’t successfully integrate digital resources into your students’ learning.
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Common Classroom Scenarios
We’ve honed in on […]

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How to Rock the Middle School CTAE Georgia Performance Standards

Do you struggle to meet CTAE Georgia performance standards for introduction to business and computer applications? Meeting standards is a top priority for teachers. Here’s how one new teacher found his stride in the transition to teaching and figured out how to easily meet Georgia performance standards.
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Tale of a New CTE Middle School Teacher
William Graham is a business and computer science teacher at Holcomb Bridge Middle School, part of Fulton County Schools, Georgia. And he knows business, having acquired his Masters degree in business administration and Bachelors degree in Marketing.

But […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide to IC3 Certification

The Ultimate Guide to IC3 Certification

How can I align my content to IC3 certification? If you’ve asked yourself this question, you aren’t alone.

We recently did a training session for business teachers in Pinellas County, Florida. Our product development manager, Ken, went through the normal routine of talking about the organization of modules, teacher resources, and management software features. At the end of the session, one of the teachers told us that she really would have like to hear more about best practices. Ken asked for some details and she explained that the IC3 certification was important for her students and that she would like more information. We gathered some material […]

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Quick Guide to Excel Lesson Plans

Computer applications teachers are always looking for new and exciting ways to teach Microsoft Excel to their students. For each of these teachers, a common question is “Where can I find great Excel lesson plans?”

Rather than spending hours upon hours creating your own Excel lesson plans, wouldn’t you like some that you can simply integrate into your existing computer applications curriculum?

It seems that there are a lot of lesson plans out there for teaching Microsoft Excel, but many of them are outdated (I found some for Excel 2003… Yikes!) However, I managed to find a few Excel lesson plans that are for the […]

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3 Challenges in Principles of Health Science Courses

Do your principles of health science courses get students excited about health science education and careers? Are your students engaged to the point of wanting to continue to pursue health care as a career?

Basically what we’re asking here is, “does your principles of health science course rock?!” Because we all know that it needs to. These are the courses that determine whether or not students decide to continue in your school’s health science program. There’s a lot at stake.

Here are some teachers who face some challenges that might sound familiar to you. Find out how they are overcoming these struggles to make their principles […]

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Cengage SAM vs. Pearson MyITLab: Microsoft Office Curriculum

Are you trying to figure out which resources to use to teach Microsoft Office to your students? If you teach a computer applications course that includes Microsoft Office topics, you’ve very likely investigated or been approached by several of the big name publishers who produce instructional materials for your type of courses.

While the promise of this digital technology is big in education, it takes significant due diligence to narrow down the choices and really sort out the features and curriculum that will bring lasting change to your school, courses, and students. It’s a tough challenge to stay on top of the rapidly developing […]

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3 Ways to Master Life Skills Lesson Plans

Are you stumped when trying to put together effective life skills lesson plans? You are not alone in that struggle.

To start, not everyone can agree on how life skills are defined. Thankfully, however, everyone seems to recognize the importance of teaching life skills to today’s students. You may even go so far as to say that it’s an essential part of every student’s education and preparation for life outside the classroom.

All of that means we can’t throw up our hands and say that the challenge of creating effective life skills lesson plans is beyond us. Rather let’s talk about what those problems are […]

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  • 5 Things that Can Drive a Health Science Technology Teacher Crazy

5 Things that Can Drive a Health Science Technology Teacher Crazy

As a health science technology teacher, what drives you bonkers? We know…and we have some ideas about how to get around or get rid of those nuisances so that you can spend more time doing what you love…teaching and preparing students for a great future.

So how do we know what irks a health science technology teacher? We talk to teachers every day. And while some teachers certainly face unique challenges, we find that there are some challenges that seem to affect just about everyone. Take a look at what we’ve determined to be the 5 things that can drive a health […]

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College Prep vs. Work Prep…What’s the Difference?

Are your business education classes directed towards workplace prep or college prep? Should there be a distinction? If so, what should it be, and to whom should each path be directed and encouraged?

The research review, “The Essence of College Readiness: Implications for Students, Parents, Schools, and Researchers” says:

“Today’s high school graduates must possess the skills and knowledge to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing landscape of a knowledge-based economy…Thus, for today’s students, there is little difference in being “workforce ready” versus “college ready.”

A little later in the review, the researchers seem to back up that statement, by defining college readiness as […]

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Review of PJ Nicholson Microsoft Word Content

Looking for free computer applications lessons and resources? If you teach computer applications, I’m sure you’re always on the lookout for some great resources that you can use with your students related to Microsoft Office applications. If you haven’t already stumbled upon PJ Nicholson, this is your lucky day!

I had some time to take a look at some of these lessons. Here’s what I found…
Who is PJ Nicholson?
PJ Nicholson is Patricia Jannan Nicholson. Nicholson is an Education Specialist with a BA and MA in Elementary Education, all from the University of Southern Florida. In addition, Nicholson has a Computer Science Certification.

Along with her […]

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