Employability Lesson Plans That Make Your Students Shine

employability lesson plans

by Sarah Layton We get a host of questions centered on “How can I make employability lesson plans engaging and age appropriate for middle and high school students?” What are important employability characteristics? Before we can begin to find employability lesson plans, we first need to be clear on what employability characteristics are critical right now. The National […]

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How to Retain CTE Teachers in Health Science Programs

cte teachers

by Sarah Layton This past week, a CTE director in a large district in Texas was looking for ways to address an issue for them: how to retain high-quality CTE teachers and reduce teacher turnover in their programs. This is a challenge in the Health Science Career Pathway because the best qualified health science CTE […]

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Help Your Students Prep for MOS Certification Tests

Help Students Prep for MOS Certification Tests

We cover many Microsoft Office applications in our curriculum, and we often receive the question “How can I prepare my students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2013 Exam?” Though we may not cover every bit of content your students need to know in order to become a Microsoft Office Specialist, we can certainly help […]

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Review of LearnKey Online Microsoft Office Curriculum

LearnKey Online Review

by Bri Stauffer We’ll be the first to admit that we may not be the best fit for every teacher or every circumstance. And when we’re not, we like to be able to recommend something that might be perfect for you. Likewise, many teachers and administrators ask us about products that are of interest to […]

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Teacher Sick Days: Substitute Teaching CTE Lesson Plans

teacher sick days

by Sarah Layton I recently met a teacher friend for dinner along with a couple of her friends I’d never met. Turns out they were both teachers, as well. Conversation inevitably turned to work. On this specific occasion, these teachers were focused on the pain of teacher sick days. Teacher Sick Days Ironically, I’m writing this […]

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National Health Science Curriculum Conference 2015

national health science curriculum conference

by Mike Collins I had the privilege to attend the 2015 National Health Science Curriculum Conference held January 28-29, 2015 in Charleston, SC. The conference is produced by the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE). Emerging Careers in Healthcare This year’s keynote speaker was Mr. Lynn Brooks. Lynn is a retired hospital management executive who belongs […]

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Career and Technical Education Month: CTE Works!

career and technical education month

by Jim Schultz I have been involved in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) market for the last 31 years, trying to help career and technical directors, administrators and instructors address their challenges and pains in their programs and classes.  In celebrating Career and Technical Education Month 2015, I wanted to try and answer questions I […]

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Trends Impacting High School Health Science Curriculum

Trends Impacting High School Health Science Curriculum

Many changes can affect what you need to cover in your Health Science programs. But what are some of the most recent trends? We’d like to help you understand what those changes are, and how they are going to impact your high school health science curriculum. Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction According to Carole Stacy (Executive Director, […]

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Best Certifications for High School Students: Health Science

certifications for high school students

by Sarah Layton Careertech.org has published that according to TOP 5 Career Clusters™, health science is the second fasted growing at +21%! And so, it’s no surprise that CTE directors and supervisors often ask us these seemingly simple questions: What are the best certifications for high school students in CTE programs? What are the best certifications for high school […]

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Career Readiness Lesson Plans: Ohio Leads the Way

career readiness lesson plans

by Sarah Layton Career readiness is dominating education headlines. What does it mean for you and other CTE teachers? Maybe nothing today, but tomorrow? Prepare yourself for big changes in career readiness standards. Case in point: Ohio. Ohio teachers must now cover Strand 1 Business Operations/21st Century Skills standards with all students. Here’s what Ohio is doing to […]

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