Useful Tips for Health Science High School Teachers

When looking to use our HealthCenter21 curriculum in their health science high school courses, health science instructors often ask questions like: “Do you have any tips for using HealthCenter21 successfully?” and “I have limited technology access… can I still use this curriculum?” To help answer these questions, I’ve compiled some tips to help you make the most of using digital curriculum in your health science classroom. The main topics I will cover with insight from various AES team members are: Why Blended Learning is Important for Health Science High School Courses How the 4-Phase Curriculum Helps You Keep Students Engaged

How To Blend New Curriculum in Your Computer Applications Class

Many computer applications teachers want to add digital curriculum to their courses, but don’t know how to get started. When looking to use digital curriculum in their computer applications class, teachers often ask us questions like: “What’s the best way to blend your curriculum with my other resources?” and “Do you have best practices for using Business&ITCenter21?” To help answer these questions, Jim Schultz and I interviewed our Product Development Manager, Ken Richard. Here I will share some tips and insight to help you make the most of using digital curriculum in your computer applications classroom. The 3 main topics

How To Overcome 4 Big Challenges When Creating Google Lesson Plans

Are you in search of Google lesson plans, but stuck trying to juggle everything else you need to accomplish? Computer applications teachers face many challenges when trying to create engaging, interactive lessons. As a curriculum developer we hear from hundreds of computer teachers about their struggles. In working with these teachers, we hear many different stories like these: "I just found out I would be teaching the class, and we have no curriculum and school has already started!" "Our current computer applications curriculum is terribly outdated... it includes information on floppy disks so I am attempting to re-do the class

A Practical Guide to the 2017 Principles of Health Science TEKS Changes

Are you searching for information on the new Texas Principles of Health Science TEKS standards? We know that a big challenge for health science instructors is trying to keep up with changing standards. Because we work with hundreds of educators in Texas, we want to help them in any way possible. To help you in facing these upcoming changes, we want to provide some important information that will impact your Principles of Health Science courses in the 2017-18 school year. In this article, we will discuss two main topics that every health science instructor should be knowledgeable about in order

How To Decide on New Instructional Materials for Your Computer Applications Class

Are you a new teacher in search of instructional materials for your computer applications class? Or a seasoned teacher struggling to keep your students engaged with computer lessons? You are not alone! This happens to computer teachers across the United States. As a computer curriculum provider, we hear from hundreds of teachers facing these challenges. These are some of the actual comments we have received from teachers like you: “I just found out I would be teaching the class, and we have no curriculum and school has already started!” “I am currently teaching Microsoft Office / Excel…. Microsoft Office lessons

Behind the Scenes at the 2016 HOSA Leadership Conference

It can be hard for health science instructors to find extra time to learn about their field, especially when that learning involves traveling. Because we work with thousands of health science instructors, we want to help them in any way possible. To lend a hand to educators who were unable to attend the 2016 HOSA Leadership Conference, we’ve decided to provide an overview to help you stay informed. Anne with Ann Blankenship - A health science teacher from Henry County Schools, VA This year was the 40th Anniversary of the HOSA Leadership Conference and was also the first year

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Missouri AHEC Case Study: How To Teach Students From a Distance

With the constant changes in the healthcare industry and increase in requirements for the CTE Health Science Cluster, many CTE administrators and instructors are in search of ways to better prepare students. As a curriculum provider for Health Science programs, we talk to hundreds of teachers and administrators about this challenge. When looking to overcome this, educators often ask us questions like: “How are other teachers and schools using HealthCenter21?” and “Will HealthCenter21 work for my program?” Our goal is to give teachers more time to spend with students by making sure HealthCenter21 is: Easy to implement Flexible and customizable

3 Easy Ways to Include Differentiated Lesson Plans in Computer Classes

Do you struggle to include differentiated lesson plans in your computer classes? I find that those of us who teach electives in middle school encounter students of varying skill levels within a single class. I know what you’re thinking: “All teachers face that.” True. But rarely does an Algebra II teacher walk into a classroom to teach students who have yet to take Algebra I. Each semester I must teach eighth grade students who did not take my class as seventh or sixth graders. Needless to say these students don’t bring the same computer knowledge and skill set to my

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Expert Insight on Health Science High School Curriculum Standardization

If you teach health science high school courses, you know how precious spare time can be. Because we work with thousands of health science instructors across the United States, we often hear that they don’t have enough time to learn about changes in the healthcare industry and update their curriculum accordingly. Similarly, there is not always time to learn what the latest trends are for teaching content and organizing their classes. At Applied Educational Systems, we do all we can to help health science instructors spend more time with their students. To that end, we put together a summary of

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Computer Class Lessons for When You are Kicked Out of the Lab

Have you ever been displaced from your computer lab, forced to come up with computer class lessons without computers? This happens to me every May when students take their End of Course exams in my lab and my students and I are relocated. Being displaced disrupts the students’ routine, and middle school students thrive on routine. Program and schedule changes are not pleasant in a middle school. Couple this with the fact that in May students can see the finish line and many seize any opportunity to coast into summer vacation. Over the years I’ve used a number of tap-dances to keep

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