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Digital Curriculum Systems vs. Free Teacher Stuff: How to Evaluate

Can free stuff add up to the benefits of a paid-for digital curriculum system for middle school computer applications lessons? The answer is that it depends. It depends on the teacher and the resources!

Many people think that teachers end their workdays at 3:00 pm, but the evidence overwhelmingly refutes that assumption. Teachers often spend time in the evenings and weekends planning lessons. They are searching the Internet for ideas that they can use in their own classrooms. Some of these teachers find our website and sign up for a free trial of our paid-for curriculum system. We know they are working on the weekends because […]

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Middle School Computer Lessons: 5 Questions to Ask

Continued changes in educational technology, standards, and software ultimately impact middle school computer classes quicker than other courses offered at that level. Here at Applied Educational Systems, we hear from more and more teachers who are looking for help with their middle school computer lessons. Administrators are focused on the academic curriculum and common core, leaving resource research, selection, and implementation responsibilities to the middle school computer application teacher. Usually the selection of new digital content to enhance their middle school computer lessons is their responsibility. Sometimes the purchase and subsequent implementation go poorly for the teacher. Meanwhile, for most teachers, time is at […]

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CMAA Certification: Looking to Improve Student Performance?

Looking for help in getting your students prepared for the CMAA certification exam? Who isn’t?! When a teacher or administrator discovers our HealthCenter21 system, inevitably questions about certification prep are quick to follow. Administrators and teachers alike are looking to improve performance on health science industry assessments and certifications.

I recently had the opportunity to interview health science teacher, Luanne Scharkozy, and unexpectedly, her supervisor, Griselle Figueroa-Martorell. They shared a bit about how HealthCenter21 helps prepare students and contribute to their envious CMAA certification pass rate.
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Preparing for Florida CMAA Certification
Can a new teacher […]

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The Hunt for Technology Curriculum

Are you a new technology teacher on the hunt for technology curriculum? You are not alone! We get a lot of questions from teachers, especially from new ones who do not have a wealth of experience, who are struggling to find relevant instructional resources. Just this week, these two emails crossed my path…

“Apparently I fall into a large number of teachers who are frustrated with the lack of resources available to teach the curriculum required in a technology-based course. Thus the reason why I signed up for the free trial. Thank you for designing a curriculum to ease the struggles […]

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How to Build Strong Career Exploration Lesson Plans

Do you really need dedicated career exploration lesson plans? And how can you build them?

Jim Schultz recently shared this LinkedIn comment from a former teacher who has not been in the classroom for a number of years. “Teachers can incorporate career exploration lessons into their classroom without much effort by having students work together in groups on projects (collaboration/teamwork), finding solutions to problems (problem-solving), sharing results to the class (communication), and rotating leadership within groups (leadership).”

Is it really that simple? I’m not so sure. There are real challenges in approaching the creation and implementation of career exploration lesson plans for middle school and early high […]

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  • 5 Benefits of Blended Learning for CTE Career Clusters

5 Benefits of Blended Learning for CTE Career Clusters

Working with CTE teachers, many of whom have come from careers in the business industry or have a nursing background, we get many questions about technology in the classroom. Some of the more popular questions sounds a bit like “Why should I try blended learning in my classroom?” and “How can blended learning and technology help me teach better?” Below you will learn 5 benefits of blended learning for the CTE classroom.
But first… What is Blended Learning?
Before we jump right into the benefits, let’s take a step back and get a quick refresher. Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face instruction with […]

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Communication Lesson Plans and the Struggle for CTE Teachers

Where can I find some new communication lesson plans that my students and I can get excited about? CTE teachers know that to get students ready for the work force, it’s no longer simply about certifications and licenses.
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While those items are critical, so are communication skills that will get them a foot in the door and then a lasting foothold on their careers. But ask any CTE teacher and they’ll tell you that finding meaningful ways to teach communication lesson plans is a struggle. We know because teachers have […]

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New CMAA Certification Test: What You Need to Know

The new CMAA certification test is here! What do you need to know to help prepare your students for this important certification? We’ve taken a look at the new CMAA certification test plan and asked a teacher about her methods. Here’s what we can tell you.

For health science teachers and CTE directors and administrators getting students prepared for CMAA certification is an ongoing responsibility. Ongoing, as those certification tests frequently change. Keeping stride with those changes is critical because the benefits of a CMAA certification are so important to your students’ futures. As NHA so effectively puts it, the benefits […]

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Supercharge Your CTE Student’s CNA Certificate

Are your graduates with a CNA certificate ready for the workforce? According to our recent survey, our clients are using CNA certification exams more than double that of any other health care worker certification exam to prepare high school CTE students for the workforce. But is having a CNA certificate in your hand enough? Having that CNA certificate alone may not be enough to prepare you for success in the workplace. Students also need soft skills.
(Want to know more about certifications? Read this guide to the Best Certifications for Health Science Technology Programs.)
What Is a CNA Certificate?
For health science teachers and CTE directors […]

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Spice Up Your PowerPoint Lesson Plans

Computer and business technology teachers often seek us out when trying to find PowerPoint lesson plans. While using PowerPoints to present material can be engaging, actually teaching how to use PowerPoint can sometimes fall short of the “engaging” label. With so many teachers asking us about PowerPoint lesson plans, we asked why they decided to give us a try. Here’s what one teacher’s exact words were: “I’m trying to find a way to spice up the Word and PowerPoint curriculum.”

So how do you teach PowerPoint? Everyone and their brother on Google wants to tell you all about how to teach USING […]

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