How to Quickly Pull Together Personal Finance Projects

Where can you find personal finance projects? Where should this topic be covered? And how do you fully cover the topic of personal finance? If you or your administrator have scratched your head over these questions, join the club. The term “finance” automatically sounds business curriculum-related. But then there’s that “personal” aspect that really points towards life skills and consumer science. So where is personal finance being covered? Both places, it seems, according to a “#finlit in #busedu” chat in December 2014.

Regardless of where it is covered, the bigger question is how is it covered? And how can you quickly pull together some personal finance projects […]

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Think Outside the Box with Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

Are your entrepreneurship lesson plans getting a little stale? Need some ideas to freshen them up? Let’s face it, a lot of successful entrepreneurs will tell you they owe part of their success to “thinking outside the box.” And so, I think it behooves those that teach it to do a little outside the box thinking in regards to entrepreneurship lesson plans.

But hey, I know entrepreneurship certainly isn’t the only thing you have on your plate (more like a platter, right?). So, I’ve gathered a few ideas for you here.
Middle School and High School Entrepreneurship Curriculum: Shark Tank
Entrepreneurship is, of course, […]

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Patient Care Technician Certification: Get Students Ready

If you are responsible for preparing students for patient care technician certification, what would you ask a PCT education expert? There is a constant need to have students prepared for post-secondary or industry certifications coming from CTE health science programs. More and more of our customers have been asking about the best way to increase student success in the patient care technician certification.

As curriculum developers that have worked with literally thousands of teachers and schools, we are passionate about helping teachers have success with their students. we had an opportunity to talk to Lynne Clarke from A. R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering […]

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Teach Microsoft Access Exercises Like a Pro!

Is teaching Microsoft Access the Achilles’ heel of your computer applications lesson plans? Are your searches for Microsoft Access exercises coming up blank? Maybe teaching Microsoft Access or database design and management is low on your list of favorite subjects to teach. It may (or may not?) be of comfort to know you aren’t alone in this. Here are a few comments from teachers like you who shared how and why they found us…

Sound familiar? We’ve found that teaching Microsoft Access tends to be a love it or hate it experience for teachers. So where can you find Microsoft Access exercises […]

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3 Ways to Update Your Anatomy and Physiology Lesson Plans

Does your anatomy and physiology course need an update? Keeping students engaged while making sure they are well-prepared for exams, certifications, and further health science education can be an overwhelming task. But sometimes the answer to all of that lies in the small changes rather than a major overhaul. Here are three ways to update your anatomy and physiology lesson plans that don’t require a total redo.
1.) Blended Learning for Anatomy and Physiology Lessons
You don’t have to throw all your anatomy and physiology lesson plans out the window when you adopt blended learning. In “The Power of Blend in Blended Learning” […]

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Supercharge Your Computer Applications Class!

Are you looking for resources that will supercharge your computer applications class? If you’re an administrator or director, are your teachers looking for resources? Do you know what goes on in a computer applications class? I’m starting to wonder. Why? During a meeting yesterday, we figured out that the majority of teachers that find out about us via an Internet search for lesson plans, activities, curriculum, etc are people that teach a computer applications class. Not too weird, right?

Except…when our team goes out to talk to administrators and directors who supervise these teachers, they seem to glaze over when we […]

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Quick Guide to Teaching Workplace Readiness Skills

Is the pressure on you to better prepare students with work readiness skills? Join the club of teachers looking to develop or expand their workplace readiness skills curriculum. I once compared my daughter’s soccer team’s lack of conditioning to skipping out on soft skills in the classroom. “Sadly, their awesome soccer skills have little value on the field if they don’t have the speed or endurance to play the game. In the same way, leaving soft skills lesson plans out of your courses puts your students at a disadvantage in the workplace.” Make sure your students are going to be […]

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Paradigms that Screw Up the Benefits of Blended Learning

Are you and your students taking advantage of all the benefits of blended learning? Or are there some paradigms at your school that are screwing it up? Before you answer “No, we have no such paradigms,” you might want to take a look at some of the ideas that we’ve heard from teachers and school administrators regarding blended learning and classroom technology…
Paradigms and Old School Teaching Methods
I have to admit…I love “old school.” At least I love it in the right circumstances. I like “old school” chicken barbecue. I like “old school” beach vacations in rustic cottages. And I like “old school” […]

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Principles of Health Science: Where to Find Great Content

If you are like most principles of health science teachers, you came into teaching after years of education and practice in the “real world” of the health care industry. While transitioning to teaching is natural, the tasks that go along with the transition don’t always come naturally. Have you been blindsided by the amount of time and energy required to research and develop principles of health science curriculum and the lesson plans that go with it?

Don’t believe me? We get comments like this every week:

Creating health science curriculum is hard work
Here’s the thing…developing curriculum and lesson plans is hard work. Believe […]

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Microsoft Word Lesson Plans to Wow Your Students

Computer applications teachers are always looking for new and exciting ways to teach Microsoft Word to their students. For each of these teachers, a common question is “Where can I find great Microsoft Word lesson plans?”

Rather than spending hours upon hours creating your own lesson plans, wouldn’t you like some that you can simply integrate into your existing computer applications curriculum?

It seems that there are a lot of lesson plans out there for teaching Microsoft Word, but many of them are outdated (I found some for Word 2003… Yikes!) However, I managed to find a few that are for the […]

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