Health Science Curriculum: Get Support from Great Organizations

health science curriculum

by Sarah Layton Do you know how many fabulous organizations there are out there to help you as a health science teacher? Take your fabulous health science curriculum and add the support and benefits from these great organizations, and you’ll never be alone! Take a look at some of these great organizations that can benefit [...]

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HIT Curriculum: Get It Covered!

hit curriculum

by Sarah Layton Are you still wondering whether or not you should be including HIT curriculum in your courses? Wonder no more. You have to introduce this content to your students! HIT Job Growth MORE than Expected! In a Health Data Management article by William Hersh, M.D. titled “Health I.T. Job Growth Has Been Underestimated?” he shares: [...]

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3 Reasons Not to Use Blended Learning

blended learning

by Sarah Layton Are you tired of engaged students? Are your students learning more by working at their own paces? Do you miss going hoarse from class-long lectures while looking out over a sea of blank stares? Then you should STOP using blended learning. Here are three reasons NOT to use blended learning: 1.) Over-Engaged [...]

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CTE Certification: What Does the Future Hold for Students?

cte certification

by Celestial Holmes What does the future hold for students with CTE certification? In one word…preparation. CTE Certifications Set Students Apart The job market is fierce. Employers are looking for candidates with more knowledge and more skills than ever before. Jobs that used to be considered “easy” to acquire are now requiring more from potential [...]

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CTE Curriculum: How Fast Should My Students Learn?

cte curriculum

by Dick Carlson We get many questions about how long our CTE curriculum lessons should take students to get through. Our answer? It depends… I was a “problem” student in the 3rd grade.  When given a passage to read, I completed it before anyone else in the class.  When given spelling words to write out, [...]

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Soft Skills Lesson Plans vs. Soft Ice Cream

soft skills lesson plans

by Mary Seward So we’re at summer’s peak here with plenty of hot, muggy weather typical for our region. Thoughts of CTE curriculum sequence, common core standards and workplace readiness vaporize into the hazy heat rising off the corn fields. And as the sun sets on another blistering day, the locals patiently wait in a line [...]

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Teaching as a Second Career: Making Resources Work for You

teaching as a second career

by Sarah Layton Last week, I wrote about teaching as a second career, from nursing to health science education. In hindsight, I am afraid that only health science teachers will take notice. So I want to talk a little bit more about teaching as a second career. It’s not just going from nursing to teaching. It’s also [...]

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What No CTE Teacher Said Ever

cte teacher

by Sarah Layton The other day, I saw an article about the biggest complaints of today’s teachers. I read it right on the heels of seeing one of those memes that said, ‘”I can’t wait for class to start,” said no student ever.’ I thought I’d take some of common teacher complaints and turn them around into [...]

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Business Education Lesson Plans: Personal Finance

business education lesson plans

by Sarah Layton Do your business education lesson plans include personal finance? Don’t you think they should? In order to understand finance on the larger scale, I think it’s best to start at home. If you ask anyone other than my husband, they will likely tell you that I practice economy. Okay, maybe not with [...]

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Blended Learning: 3 Ways CTE Teachers Engage Students

blended learning engaged students

Blended learning? Keeping students engaged? Ask 10 different CTE instructors and based on our experience, you will get 10 different answers to what they think this means to them. For example, during the last 2 weeks, we had the following exchanges with teachers. A common issue CTE teachers talk to us about is finding a [...]

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