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Summer Reads

If a trip to the beach or lying by the pool are part of your summer vacation plans, don’t forget the most important part . . . your book! Here are a few ideas to get you started.If you have a favorite book or something on your summer reading list, respond to this post and let us know. Happy reads!

If you are looking for some teaching inspiration, try A Chance to Make History: What Works and What Doesn’t in Providing an Excellent Education for All by Wendy Kopp.In this book, Kopp shares insights gained through teaching experiences in […]

RSA Animate: Changing Education Paradigms

I just find this video fascinating. Sir Ken Robinson offers an anomalous perspective on the evolution of our current educational paradigm. It is 11 minutes long, but totally worth it!

RSA Animate: Changing Education Paradigms

To Narrate or Not to Narrate

When Lorie, Lisa, and I get together to discuss what prompts you to call us, it seems that the one thing that really gets people talking is, well, talking. More specifically, narration. There are those of you who want to turn off the narration. There are those of you who want to keep it on, but want it to move faster. There are those of you who want some students to have it and others not. And there are those that want the Journal Questions read in lessons and on tests and quizzes. And there are those who want narration […]

In the Field: Electronic Medical Records

We have a guest blogger today! We want to bring you insights from people who are currently on-the-job and have experiences that may be valuable to you. Today we are focusing on the health field, for those of you who are interested in our healthcenter21 products. Misty Griffiths, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, talks about her experiences with electronic medical records:

I have been in health care for 17 years. Now that we have electronic medical records, I can’t imagine living without them. Gone are the days of getting charts 3 of 3, or deciphering doctor’s handwritten orders, or not locating charts that […]

Work’s Work, Otherwise They Would Call It Fun

At this time of year, teaching may seem to be more WORK than ever: end of year wrap-ups, semester grades, and positioning yourself so you can get started on the right foot next semester. Not to mention if you are still teaching and trying to cover objectives, all while dealing with some distracted students…This gets a little hairy!

Many of the significant men in my life subscribe to the same pessimistic mantra “Works’s work, otherwise they would call it fun.” But I would rather try to be an optimist here. Even in this stressful time, you can try to find […]

Sit Down and Chat a While

Have a question? Need an answer? Live Chat is here! This new feature provides LIVE HELP on-line and is available on our website. It allows you to “chat” with our support agents. No software is needed. Simply log on to our web site at Click the “Support” link at the top; then click the “Live Chat” link on the left.

Now if you have a problem, a quick question, or even a comment to share with us, you can log on to our website and have a live conversation using this instant messaging tool. Our agents are waiting […]

This Sunday…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Earlier this week, in honor of teacher appreciation month, we took time to thank YOU, our teachers. This weekend brings another holiday to thank a second important person in our lives – our mothers.

Here are some fun facts and a bit of history from

– 96% of American consumers take part in Mother’s day.
– Mother’s day is the peak day of the year for long distance phone calls.
– Mother’s day is the second highest gift giving day other than Christmas.

Mother’s day originally started in Rome. In the United States, Mother’s Day became a national holiday […]

What’s the Magic Word?

What’s the magic word? Please…? No. Not this month. It is thank you! It is teacher appreciation month, so THANK YOU to all of our teachers!

THANK YOU! To all teachers who work hard every day to ensure that their students get the best education possible. THANK YOU! To all teachers for their patience, kindness, and fairness — even when it is hard. THANK YOU! To all teachers who are willing to take the risk to integrate technology into their classrooms to make learning more fun, effective, and efficient. THANK YOU! To all teachers who strive to inspire.

The mediocre teacher tells. […]