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Tool Not Teacher

Part of overcoming the fear of technology is learning how to properly integrate it into your classroom.  Fortunately, during our phone calls with many of our teachers, it sounds like many of you have already learned the most important lesson when it comes to this integration: It is a tool, not the teacher.

I recently interviewed a teacher for a case study and one of the things he said was that a teacher cannot sit a student in front of the computer and expect his job to be done…. You must still be the teacher.  I was so happy to hear […]

Are You Using Google Docs?

Are you and your students using Google Docs? Should you be?

Google Docs was introduced to me during an interview earlier this year with a teacher, Jessica Gehman, who regularly uses technology in her classroom. She described Google Docs to me as “having Office online.” Here is her explanation in her own words:

Like Gehman, anyone else I’ve asked about Google Docs loves it. It’s usability for the classroom seems endless. And that ability actually extends outside the classroom in terms of group work and team projects. No more “I forgot to email the file” or “my computer crashed and I […]

Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side?

If you have a degree in education, then at some point in your career, you probably discussed these two models: “Sage on the Stage” versus “Guide on the Side.” And, at some point, you probably discussed the pros and cons of each as well as what the models look like in the classroom. If you were unfortunate enough to miss out on this discussion, here are the Cliff’s Notes version:

The Sage on the Stage is the traditional lecture-type format. As the teacher, you stand in front of the classroom presenting new information, with frequent references to key points and objectives […]

Blogs & Facebook

In continuing with our exploration of new technologies to use in the classroom, today we are going to explore Blogs and Facebook.  Both of these are common social media tools that many people use on a daily (or at least weekly) basis.


What are they?: A blog (shortened form of web log) is similar to an online journal/diary.  You can write about anything and everything, and you can open your writing for others to view and/or comment.  If you are reading this article, you are reading one of the entries to the Applied Educational Systems’ blog.

Additional Products Needed?: As with many […]

Bring the World to Your Classroom!

Okay, I’ll be honest. The title “Skype and Podcasting” was on a list of blog ideas, and no one was picking it up. So when it ended up in my lap, I really didn’t know what to do with it.

As I started digging around and reading about ideas for Skype and podcasts in the classroom, I wondered why no one grabbed it. How exciting! The more I read, the more I began to hope that my children were being exposed to these technologies and their methods of delivery. I can’t wait to get home and ask them!

With Skype and podcasts […]

October Teacher Survey Results

Hello!  My name is Ken and I am on the development team at Applied Educational Systems.  When Lisa and Sarah say that they need to talk to one of the programmers…they are usually coming to see me!

This month we added a survey question for HealthCenter21 and Business&ITCenter21 instructors.  It’s exciting to see how many different ways teachers are using HealthCenter21 and Business&ITCenter21.  You are clearly adapting the content to suit the unique needs of your classroom and students.  The numbers are interesting, but the best evidence is in the comments. (Thanks for Sharing!)

The Survey Question

Would an optional feature allowing students […]

Differentiating Instruction in a Blended Learning Classroom

Although computer-based curricula inherently differentiate instruction, you will find that you still have to do some differentiating of your own. Some students will finish their work before others. Some students will come into your class with more computer-savviness than others. Some students will be more confused by the technology while others will be less confused. How is a teacher to make sense of it all? There is so much!

But don’t panic. Let’s start at the beginning. The first thing you need to do is make sure you set clear expectations. This will at least ensure your students are working towards […]

Webinars and Wikis…oh my!

Many of you have heard these words… webinars and wiki’s.  Despite hearing of them, you may not be sure what they are or how they might apply to your classroom.  Today we’ll briefly review each and provide a few ways to use them in your class.


What are they?: Webinars are a great way to have a conference via the internet.  To put it simply a webinar is a cyber meeting.

Additional Products needed?:  You will need a “host” for your meeting.  Some popular software/providers include Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Citrix Online (GoToMeeting), and many others.

Classroom Uses:
– Snowy weather in the forecast?  […]

No More Report Card “Surprise!”

My how times have changed! My poor kids will never be able to bring home a report card “surprise” to their father and I. I’m certain that the ability to share students’ on-going grades and assignment status online has changed the lives of many…instructors, parents, and students!

As a parent…I’ve had access to my children’s grades online for the past few years, this if the first year that I’ve really seriously logged on and taken notice. This year my oldest actually receives percentages and letter grades for her work. I love, love, love the ability to see her grades online.

For my […]

Classroom Management in a Blended Learning Classroom: Wrapping it Up

There are various day-to-day “blips” that might throw off the balance of your classroom. Here are a few to consider. How will you handle them?

What will you do if there is a glitch in the software?

–          Sometimes the software just does not want to do what it’s supposed to. You can troubleshoot it yourself by investigating a few things. Is it just one computer, or many? If it is just one computer, re-boot the computer and start the application again. If it is many computers, then check to see if can access many internet websites. (This will tell you if […]