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Mid-Year Checkup: How Is Your E Learning for Healthcare Working for You?

You are likely well into your second semester now. It’s time for a mid-year checkup: How is your e learning for healthcare working for you?

It’s never too early to start thinking about your game plan for next year. A good place to start? Take some time to thoroughly and honestly analyze how your first semester went.
Ask yourself:

How has my e learning for healthcare worked well?
What about my e learning for healthcare did not work?
What lesson plans using e learning for healthcare got the most positive feedback/participation from students?
How did the most effective e learning compare with other tools that were […]

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Classroom Management Solutions: Addressing all Learning Styles

What we’ve learned
So far this month we have learned that auditory learners learn best through listening, visual learners learn best through seeing/reading, and kinesthetic learners learn best from doing or hands-on activities.  We have also learned ways to individually address each one of these learners.  The problem many teachers face is addressing all 3 types of learners in one class.  Lectures address your auditory learners; reading assignments meet the needs of your visual learners; and hands-on activities meet the needs of your kinesthetic learners – but how do you include those all in one lesson?
Your goal
Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t meet all 3 needs in […]

Kinesthetic Learners: Lesson Plans for Active Students

Kinesthetic learners achieve the greatest success by learning through doing. A hands-on approach, and being active, seems to work best for them.

If you are developing lesson plans for computer applications, you need to make sure you are reaching all types of learners with your curriculum.
 Kinesthetic Learners in Lesson Plans for Computer Applications
As you develop your lesson plans for computer applications, think “lights, camera, action”! Get your students on the move: Actively and physically participating in their learning.

Reaching kinesthetic learners allows you to dump out your whole bag of educational tricks. They adapt and thrive in a varied educational environment that […]

Computer Applications Lesson Plans and Auditory Learning

Computer applications lesson plans and auditory learning can go together.

Auditory learners achieve the greatest success by learning through hearing.

But, an auditory learner does more than just listen. They are in tune to tone and rhythm, and associate memory with sound.

If you are developing computer applications lesson plans, you need to ensure you include all types of learners.
Computer Applications Lesson Plans: Include Auditory Learners
As you develop computer applications lesson plans, think music and rhythm. Putting curriculum to music is a fabulous way to reach auditory learners. But maybe it’s not practical for a classroom full of diverse learners. If that’s the case, include some […]

The Visual Learner and a Computer Applications Curriculum

A visual learner achieves the greatest success by learning through seeing.

They seek a visual representation of any information you give them. When developing a computer applications curriculum, make sure you are addressing all types of learners.

How to Address the Visual Learner
Remember Language Arts class? As you develop your computer applications curriculum, think about sentence diagramming. You can’t get much more visual than that. Diagramming or mapping content within your lessons will enhance comprehension for your visual learners.

Outlining curriculum is also a great way to reach the visual learner. Outlining is a relatively simple way to organize content for these students. You’ll […]

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What If My Elearning Health Content Isn’t Working for Me?

So, what if your elearning health content isn’t working for you or your students? What is the next step? We’ve all been there…you excitedly make a purchase and can’t wait to try it out. But what happens if when you try it out, you realize that this just isn’t right for you? You have a few options.

Make It Work
So, your new elearning health content isn’t exactly what you thought it would be. You can still make the most of what you have. Inevitably there is some part of the content that is going to work for you. Use it! […]

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Microsoft Office Lesson Plans: Where Can I Get Them?

Are your Microsoft Office lesson plans a blank slate?! Has your school recently upgraded to Office 2010? If so, you might be scrambling and could very well be asking yourself, “Where can I get Microsoft Office 2010 lesson plans?” Or, better, “Where can I get Microsoft Office lesson plans to help my students understand the latest changes?”
Microsoft Office Lesson Plans: Online Software as a Service
One option is online software as a service, such as our own Business&ITCenter21. The best software as a service options will provide you with engaging, interactive, and up-to-date curriculum. The content is designed to teach students […]

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Online Education Safety: What’s My Password?!

What’s my password?
That’s one of our more common support requests. It’s also one of the more common support requests for help desks at schools and companies. We all have many different passwords for many different systems, and it’s difficult to remember them all. Passwords contribute to online education safety.
Why can’t you just tell me my password?
Our support team doesn’t know your password. Your password is encrypted in our database. This ensures that programmers, support engineers, contractors and server administrators won’t be able to see your password. It also provides another layer of security in case our site is hacked. The […]

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E Learning for Healthcare vs. E-Books as Online Resources

With the announcement by Apple Computer, ebooks are certainly part of discussions in schools.  In addition, the use of the cloud is also gaining momentum in many schools.  So what is the difference between an eBook and elearning for healthcare?  Are they the same?  What should a Health Science or Allied Health program look for in online resources?

E Learning for Healthcare Challenges
There are many challenges to running a blended course where students do much of their learning outside of the classroom. One of the main challenges is facilitating independent learning among different student populations. And, doing this without […]

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How Do I Choose the Right Content for My Online Health Curriculum?

HealthCenter21 is a library of online health curriculum. The library is organized into over 50 modules. Each module contains several units with multiple lessons.

One of the first questions many ask is how do I choose modules for my blended learning course?

This blog introduces a process that, hopefully, makes it easier to select modules for your course. The process helps narrow down the module list until you have only modules that fit your course. It is important to remember this process is only a suggestion – you certainly can change anything in it to suit your needs.
Select a Template or Topic […]