Blended learning

How Blended Learning Has Changed

by Dick Carlson How "Blended Learning" Has Changed Since It Was Discovered By Columbus Christopher Columbus was probably the first Blended Learner.  He went to school, and was taught that if he sailed West he'd eventually get East. When he did his Field Work, though, he reported back in his dissertation that he'd actually discovered a completely new theorem.  By blending classroom and sailing, he'd discovered the Bahamas. This spawned the entire cruise industry and the concept of the "gift shop." This Is Why It's Important To Get Some Actual Experience Blended Learning happens every time a student raises his

Successful Blended Learning: A Key Element

by Mary Seward Let’s imagine a new course design that uses a blended learning environment. It’s a quality design where the learning activities and assignments promote the achievement of the intended learning outcomes. Sounds great. Enthusiastic discussions ensue on the technology used, the learning management system, the on-line features and assessments, the hands-on learning and student interactions – its all good. Very good, in fact. And at the same time , all of this discussion is missing a key element of the learning environment. One that is often overlooked. What comes to your mind as the missing key element of

Blended Learning with Worksheets for the Win!

by Sarah Layton We've slowly been adding student worksheets to all of our online CTE content. Why? You might ask. Aren't worksheets part of the old way of teaching? Blended learning involves using a variety of tools to help students learn and understand. If online curriculum plus worksheets equals a win, then we're so on it! Teachers on blended learning with worksheets... Of course it doesn't hurt our enthusiasm when we get responses from teachers to our early efforts with worksheets like this one: "Actually they like to hear the objectives then do lessons (with worksheets) and then we review

Blended Learning: Are You In or Are You Out?

by Sarah Layton I cannot seem to escape blended learning today. Not that I mind. There was a distinct theme running through my blended learning moments today. They all centered around schools who have made or are looking to make blended learning the norm rather than the exception in their classrooms. What about you and your school? Are you embracing and adopting the benefits of blended learning like so many other schools? Or are you clinging to the way things have always been done? When it comes to blended learning, are you in or are you out? What administrators are

Three Ways Blended Learning Makes Teachers’ Days More Efficient

To best discuss how blended learning makes teachers’ days more efficient, we should first be certain we are operating under the same definitions. Blended learning is not taking your lesson plans and throwing them into a blender, as much as some frustrated teachers might like to do at times. Rather, blended learning is a way of combining a variety of learning environments into one classroom—and even taking those teaching applications beyond the classroom. There are a variety of ways to approach blended learning, but they all share an emphasis on allowing each student to learn in the way that suits

Blended Learning…What? Why? How?

by Bri Stauffer Blended learning has become a widely used and accepted way of teaching, in all levels of education. But some teachers still struggle with the idea of bringing new technology into the classroom. Before going any further about why blended learning is a great addition to the classroom, let’s take a step back and make sure we’re on the same page… What Is It? A quick definition of a blended learning class is one that combines the traditional face-to-face environment and online instructional material, which students use to learn independently.  It's NOT completely online learning – there must

Using Blended Learning, Teachers Can Add To Their OWN Skills

by Dick Carlson We talk a lot, here, about tools and techniques that you can use on your students.  But development of your own professional skills is something to always be working on.  Most often, that looks like something out of the 1960's--we all troop off to a conference room, and somebody stands in front of the room lectures us on all the new ways there are to teach.  Then we close up the three-ring binder, bring it back to our desk, slide it into a drawer, and never look at it again. Not exactly practicing what you preach when

Blended Learning: 5 Lesson Plans to Get Started Today

by Ken Richard Blended Learning is the practice of combining traditional classroom teaching with online resources, and it’s easier to get started than you may think. This article will give you 5 simple lesson plans ideas for adding online resources into your existing classrooms. 5 Blended Learning Lesson Plans Lesson Plan #1 - Youtube Video Analysis There are many videos that you can use in your health science, introduction to business, or computer application courses. Select a few videos of various quality and have students compare and contrast the material to what they have previously learned. Can your students find

Blended Learning: Powerful Partnerships

by Sarah Layton A recent article in the Hechinger Report brought attention to a fabulous blended learning initiative going on in Rhode Island. In the article, Jennifer Jordan reports that the state has partnered with The Learning Accelerator (TLA) which is a nonprofit group that focuses on spreading blended learning to schools across the US. Jordan interviews Rhode Island Education Commissioner, Deborah A. Gist. What is "fully blended-learning"? When asked about what it means that the Rhode Island will be the first fully blended-learning state, Gist replies: "Our vision is that all Rhode Island students will be pursuing flexible, student-centered pathways that are

Blended Learning: It’s Not ALL New!

by Sarah Layton Did you ever read an article and just sit there and nod your head and think, "Yes. Yes. Yes, exactly!"? That happened to me today while reading "The Power of Blend in Blended Learning" by Adam Holden on the SmartBlog on Education. I thoroughly related to what Holden has to say about blended learning and how it combines the best of traditional teaching techniques with the new. Blended Learning Truth In the article, Holden says this about blended learning: "For years, we “early adopters” have been advocating the many advantages of blended learning — the predominant one